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All of the parts we sell go through rigorous test procedures using qualified electrical engineers.
Visual Inspection
Use of stereoscopic microscope, the appearance of components for all-round observation.The focus of observation status include product packaging; chip type, date, batch; printing and packaging state; pin arrangement, coplanar with the plating of the case and so on.
Solderability Testing
This is not a counterfeit detection method as oxidation occurs naturally. However, it is a significant issue for functionality and is particularly prevalent in hot, humid climates such as Southeast Asia and the southern states in North America.The joint standard J-STD-002 defines the test methods and accept/reject criteria for thru-hole, surface mount, and BGA devices.
X-ray inspection, the traversal of the components within the 360 ° all-round observation, to determine the internal structure of components under test and package connection status, you can see a large number of samples under test are the same, or a mixture (Mixed-Up ) the problems arise.In addition they have specifications each other to understand the correctness of the sample under test.  
Functional Testing
Through the official datasheet, design test projects, develop testing boards, build test platforms, write test programs, then test various functions of the IC. Through professional and accurate chip function test, it is possible to identify whether the IC function is up to standard. The types of IC currently testable include: logic devices, analog devices, power ICs, various amplifiers, and power management ICs. 

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